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Welcome to Riemer Associates

We are an experienced, highly accomplished, hands-on tactical program management firm that specializes in planning, scheduling, budgeting and executing complex corporate re-branding programs. As a Women’s Business Enterprise founded in 2001, we have been embracing challenges, developing solutions and driving results for our

Fortune 500 clients for 15 years.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Complex, cross functional project management
  • Program planning, scheduling, budgeting and tactical execution of
  • - Global and domestic corporate re-branding
  • - Interior retail merchandising
  • - ATM hardware re-fresh
  • - ADA compliance


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  • Pearce Signs photographs on sites; Crawley, Heathrow, Southwark, Victoria and Hammersmith
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Complex, Cross Functional, Project Management

Tactically plan, budget, schedule and execute projects setting and managing senior management expectations and managing teams of cross functional stake holders and required external vendor partners to meet client project goals.
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  • Pearce Signs photographs on sites; Crawley, Heathrow, Southwark, Victoria and Hammersmith
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Global and Domestic Corporate Re-Branding

Partner with internal corporate brand and facilities groups, design and fabrication partners to plan and execute corporate re-branding. Have delivered project solutions in over 50 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC.
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Retail Interior Store Merchandising

Partner with internal corporate brand, facilities and design partners to finalize design intent of program components, choose appropriate fabrication partners and then plan, schedule and execute pilot store tests and full program implementation.
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ATM Hardware Refresh and ADA Compliance

Partner with internal ATM Operations, Retail branch and IT groups along external general contracting construction partners to plan hardware and software upgrade and construction action required to achieve ADA compliance.

global reach

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  • APAC Ford
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  • Pearce Signs photographs on sites; Crawley, Heathrow, Southwark, Victoria and Hammersmith
  • Pearce Signs photographs on sites; Crawley, Heathrow, Southwark, Victoria and Hammersmith
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  • APAC Holiday Inn

our reach is global

We have successfully delivered project solutions in over 50 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC by adjusting to local customs and traditions, adapting to market conditions and partnering with appropriate local organizations to drive solutions for the client.


We are partners in The International Sign Alliance (TISA) - A global re-branding partnership with highly respected, world-renowned sign manufacturing and installation firms Philadelphia Sign in the United States and Pearce Signs in the United Kingdom. TISA provides global companies looking to re-brand with a “one-source” project management, manufacturing and installation partner that can provide facility re-branding services across the world.

Case Studies

Bank of America’s international re-branding of Merrill Lynch

Partnered with CB Richard Ellis and an international transition team associated with Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch acquisition. Our scope included cross-functional planning, training, managing the activity of a sign fabrication partner in completing the tactical re-branding, punch list completion and financial closeout of over 100 sites in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, main land China, Taiwan and India. Program exceeded client’s schedule and budget goals.

Merrill Lynch ExteriorCredit_SuisseFront_desk


Citizens Bank’s branch interior merchandising pilot

Planned and then directed a cross-functional project team that implemented a new interior branch merchandising system for Citizens Bank. Worked hand-in-hand with Lippincott Mercer, an award winning, New York-based brand design firm to finalize program components, identify and choose appropriate fabrication/installation partners, finalize pilot branch floor plans and then managed partners to deliver on time and under budget. Also worked hand-in-hand with Bank facilities, marketing, Brand and branch partners to develop appropriate marketing, communications and training programs aimed at gaining full employee acceptance of program. Program consisted of over 70 different merchandising components including plasma and LCD screens, internally illuminated pylons and wall cabinets and brilliant wall graphics. The program was embraced by customers, employees and Bank management and was implemented system wide.



Bank of America’s retail franchise re-branding

Partnered with Jones Lang LaSalle in participating on a team that represented BOA’s Brand, Consumer Banking and Corporate Workplace groups as the Bank began its gradual national re-branding of its entire retail franchise. Our scope included the review, adjustment and final approval of sign recommendation books and then managing a sign fabrication partner in completing the tactical re-branding, punch list completion and financial close-out of over 400 retail branches in the state of California. Program exceeded client’s schedule and budget goals.




Sovereign Bank’s new exterior sign program

Partnered with Labozan Associates and the Bank’s Brand and Marketing teams to plan and direct the redesign of Sovereign Bank’s exterior sign program. Our initial scope included the redesign of their exterior sign signature and the eventual redesign and engineering of an entirely new exterior sign family for the Bank. The program was tested and embraced by senior management and employees. Our scope was then extended to include the development of decision tree logic for exterior signs for all of the Bank’s Retail facility types, the development sign recommendation books and the tactical re-branding of multiple high priority sites in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. At that point the Bank internalized the program establishing internal resources that began implementing the program at new retail branches across the Northeast.

Sovereign Bank StadiumSovereignBranchScreen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.45.27 PM


FleetBoston Financial’s brand identity change

Established and then directed a cross-functional project team that successfully completed the worldwide implementation of a new corporate identity. The program included external and internal signs at 3,600 facilities in 38 states and 6 countries, all branch merchandising hardware and software at 3,200 branch and remote ATM locations, the Web site and Intranet, business forms and stationery and all high profile corporate sponsorships like Fenway Park, the Massachusetts Turnpike, Yankee Stadium and Times Square. The tactical implementation plan rolled-out over 16 separate phases over 2 years. Program was completed on time and 20% below the Bank set budget.


Fleet CenterFleet BranchFLT_01



Santander’s domestic re-branding/ ATM hardware-software upgrade

Santander’s domestic re-branding of Sovereign Bank
• Partnered with CB Richard Ellis in participating on a team with the Bank’s Retail Store Design and Facilities groups as the Bank planned and executed the re-branding of Sovereign Bank – its American franchise. Our scope included the review, adjustment and approval of close to 900 Brand site recommendation books and then managing multiple sign manufacturing and installation partners in re-branding close to 400 sites in New England. Program met client’s schedule and budget goals.

Santander’s ATM hardware-software upgrade
• Partnered with CB Richard Ellis in leading a team that included the Bank’s ATM Operations, Retail and IT groups as the Bank upgraded hardware and software and close to 600 ATM terminals through New England, New York and the mid-Atlantic regions. Our scope included planning scope at all sites including ADA compliance and ATM surrounds, scheduling and then managing execution with multiple internal and external partners that were required on installation day. Program met client schedule and exceeded budget goals




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About Us / Contacts


Marianna Riemer

Chief Executive Officer, President

Marianna has guided the company in developing solutions and driving results for Fortune 500 companies from Boston to Shanghai. Her vision and expertise in business planning, staffing and financial management established over 30 year career in the financial services industry have created the foundation for the success of Riemer Associates for over 15 years. Ms. Riemer earned a Bachelor of Engineering Technology from Central New England College and a MBA from Clark University.


John Riemer

Chief Operating Officer

John is the company’s primary client liaison and is responsible for all project planning and execution. Working as an extension of the client’s staff he mobilizes internal and external resources to define cross functional company-wide scope, schedule and budget, plans and manages execution and sets and proactively manages Senior management expectations as the program evolves. He has amassed an extraordinary track record of success managing programs domestically from coast to coast and globally for clients such as Bank of America, Santander, Sovereign Bank, Citizens Bank, FleetBoston Financial, BankBoston and corporate sponsorships at Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, Boston Garden, Madison Square Garden, in Times Square and with the Massachusetts Turnpike. Mr. Riemer earned a BA from St. Louis University and a MBA from American International College


David Riemer

Senior Program Manager - Team Leader

David is responsible for the day-to-day planning of the scope, activities and field deployment of our project managers. He is also highly experienced in client Brand book recommendation review, adjustment and approval and for site by site and overall program financial closeout. In his 11 years of experience he has played key leadership roles in multiple programs with Bank of America, Boston Garden, Madison Square Garden, Sovereign Bank and Santander. Mr. Riemer holds a BA from Tulane University.

Our leadership team is comprised of highly experienced professionals that understand strategic and tactical problems faced by companies in today’s global market. Our approach, processes and highly organized tactical planning and execution has resulted in an extraordinary track record of success over 15 years.


292 Newbury Street #533 Boston, MA 02115